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Roommate Request
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Not Solved Roommate Request
Hello! I had a question about lodging: Can we request who we lodge with?
My friend is also attending the confrence and I would prefer to room with her in a dorm. Would I have to personally request this with an administrator or is this not possible?
Thank you,
Isabel F.
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Not Solved RE: Roommate Request
Hi Isabel,

Welcome to our Community Forums!  I'm so happy to hear you've decided to accept your nomination for the 2017 Washington Journalism and Media Conference this summer!  We can't wait to welcome you to campus in July.

Visiting a new place for the first time can be a bit unnerving, so I totally understand why you would want to stay with a friend or someone you know and are comfortable with.  At this time, we regrettably do not allow roommate requests for the Conference.  You are randomly assigned a roommate of the same gender, whom you will meet on the first day when you arrive.  I know this might sound a bit scary, but quite honestly you will be spending the majority of your time with your Color Group of about 25 students.

If you have any specific questions about your living situation, please feel free to let me know and I'd be happy to answer what I can.

Social Media Supervisor 
The Washington Scholars Program
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Not Solved RE: Roommate Request
Hey there Isabel,

Going into the conference, I was a bit nervous about who I was going to room with, but honestly, you are very rarely in your room so it is not a huge deal. I, personally, did not get very close with my roommates, but I have friends who still talk to theirs! It was definitely a good experience getting the chance to meet new people other than those in your color group.

If you have any other questions let us know!

Have a great rest of the school year!
Camden Layton
WJMC 2017 Intern
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Not Solved RE: Roommate Request
Hi Isabel!

I'm going to second what Camden said wholeheartedly. Don't be super concerned with who you room with because largely, the only time you will be with them is when you are sleeping.
That being said, my roomates (there were four of us in a suite-style corner room) are all great friends! We jammed out to music while getting ready in the morning and then passed out after saying goodnight from our tiring days.

I have confidence that your room assignment will have very little bearing on how much you enjoy your time at the conference. 

We're happy to answer any questions you may have in the future so keep 'em coming!
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Not Solved RE: Roommate Request
Hi Isabel!

I actually had an awesome roommate experience too! My roommate was one of my close friends before I went to the conference and I was incredibly lucky enough to have her as my roommate! It's definitely something I worried about, but you are really never in the dorm except for sleeping! Hope this helps!

Cassandra Kuhn
Cassandra Kuhn
Youth Advisory Board Member
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Not Solved RE: Roommate Request
Hey Isabel, 

I completely understand why you would want to room with someone you already know, but you have nothing to worry about when it comes to meeting people at WJMC. Most if not all of the correspondents are in the same boat as you; at the start of the conference, nobody really knows each other yet, so naturally everyone is very welcoming and friendly. 
Plus, you won't be spending much down time in you room anyway - most of the time you'll be with your color group exploring everything WJMC has to offer! 
Hope this helps! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out 16x16_smiley-happy 

Olivia Vermane
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