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Hi Parents!

Welcome to the online community for the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment. You may be wondering why we're here and what purpose these Forums serve in addition to social media, which is what this post is about! There are a few main reasons we think online message boards are great, specifically when it comes to WYSE:
  • It really is a community. Just like any other social media site, our Forums provide you the opportunity to meet other parents of students who will be attending the program this summer. You have the chance to make friends, get connected, and ask questions!
  • We help each other. While our Social Media Team is always here to help, other Forum users are often great resources to use as well. Students, parents, program alumni, and staff all unite in one place to join in on the conversation!
  • It saves time. We know you have questions–that's a good thing! Unlike email or phone calls, posting on the Forums allows you to ask a question that might be on someone else's mind too. Answers can be given to multiple people at once, saving everyone time from asking and answering the same query repeatedly. Our FAQ section might answer your question before you even ask it!
  • Added privacy. You can use Facebook to register on the Forums, but our website is totally separate from all other social networks. If you prefer to keep your personal information private and aren't too crazy about creating a Facebook or Twitter account, you can register directly with us using your email. We're flexible!
  • Someone's always ready to help. Between our Youth Advisory Board, our Student Interns, and our Social Media Team, someone is bound to be online and ready to talk! No need to wait for a response by email; just refresh your Internet browser after a few minutes and there's a good chance someone has already replied to your message!

We hope that you take full advantage of the Forums and ask whatever questions are on your mind. Remember, you could help someone else by asking first! If online message boards just aren't your thing, don't worry–You can still call or email us during normal business hours.

To read more about our privacy practices, check out our Privacy Hub here.
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