My WJMC Journey
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Not Solved My WJMC Journey
WJMC was one of the craziest, most exciting weeks of my life. Those five days were fast paced, adventure filled, and extremely tiring. I made some of the best friends in the world, walked the steps of my nation's capitol building, and took naps when at all possible. This amazing experience taught me so much not only about journalism, but it also taught me that fear is only as important as you make it. When I first arrived at GMU, I was so nervous. I had never met anyone there, I had no idea who my roommates were, and I had no idea where I would be five days later and how I would feel. But, I didn't let that fear control me, and I am so very grateful I didn't! If I had let that fear control me, I doubt I would still have made the amazing memories I did. So, I definitely recommend going to WJMC! And when you go, you should think of it as a rollercoaster. Before you go on a rollercoaster, you are so scared and nervous and dozens of butterflies are flying around in your stomach. But, you conquer that fear and ride the rollercoaster. And after you ride it, all you want to do is relive every second of it! So, make the most of your time at WJMC and if you have any questions or concerns or need any advice at all, feel free to email me!

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- Evan T. Mays
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I agree 100%, Evan!

Correspondents, in just short 6 months you will embark on the best experience of your life. Just like Evan, I was quite nervous for the conference because there were some "unknown factors."

Who will be my roomate?
Will I make friends?

Although I wasn't sure of these answers, I went to the conference with an open mind and everything worked out. My roomate and suitemates were great and I made many friends from all over the country. Keep in mind that absolutley everyone will have these fears on the first day and it is completely normal. Every single person I talked to my first day at WJMC instantly became my friend. You will learn immediately that everyone there wants to make friends, so it is super easy to make connections with your fellow correspondents. I encourage you to look through the #WJMC2016 on Instagram and Twitter to see just how happy myself and all of my fellow correspondents were at the Washington Journalism & Media Conference last summer!

Definitley feel free to contact Evan or I with any questions! Evan is one of my good friends from WJMC and I know he'd be a great help to anyone with questions.

-Samantha Casamento
Social Media: SamCasamento
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I like totally agree with both of you because I was ready but not ready and when I got there and received that great WJMC hospitality then was when I released all my fears and let go and became myself.

Great y'all.
Stephon Porter - Jackson, MS
Youth Advisory Board

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I completely agree with Evan. WJMC changed my life forever - not only did I meet some of the most genuine people I have ever encountered, but this conference helped me realize that I want to be a journalist. Being surrounded by such a passionate network of people who are so dedicated to what they are doing was nothing short of incredible. I can't wait to see what this summer brings for everyone, and I look forward to meeting all new correspondents! 

Olivia Vermane

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