Summer 2017
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As soon as I walked out of school, I asked myself " What am I gonna do this summer?" After I asked myself that question a few times, I remembered that I have the operatunity to go to George Mason University for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. When I first got to the University, I had no idea what I was doing. After the first few days, I was always looking forward to the next day. I had the best roommates ever! We always stayed up til 2 AM even though we knew we had to get up in a few hours. The 2nd session white group that I was in was always jamming out on the buses to and from our destinations. My favorite parts of the week was going to the holocaust museum, go to the newseum, going to the capital, and the dance. Just having the opprotunity to go to the DC area is an amazing experience and making new friends and memories that will last a lifetime is the best summer ever. I wouldn't trade it for anything16x16_smiley-happy I would love to go back to WJMC again! I am blessed to have a family all over the country. Thank you WJMC!!
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