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Will someone be at the Union Station in DC if student takes the train?  Thanks!  Alyse
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Hi Alyse!

I hope you are well! Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we will not have staff at Union Station to pick up students. Union Station is metro accessible, however. If your student does take the train, there are two options to get to campus:
  • The first option would be to metro from Union Station to the Vienna station. From there, your student can take a taxi or uber to George Mason's campus. The Vienna metro station is about a 10 minute drive from campus. Or, your student could taxi/uber straight from Union Station to George Mason University
  • The second option would be to metro or taxi/uber from Union Station to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. We will have staff at the airport greeting students at baggage claim. From there, your student will join others attending the conference and be transported to George Mason University.
To see a map of the Washington Metro, please follow this link:

Please let us know how your student plans to travel by logging in to the portal (in January!) or emailing us at

Thank you,

Director of Logistics
The Washington Scholars Program

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