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WYSE Essay
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Not Solved WYSE Essay
Hello! I recently recieved an invitation to WYSE. When I went looked at the application requirements, it stated that an essay "pertaining to environmental studies or a class assignment" is required. I have a few questions about the requirements the essay must meet.

Does it have to be a certain type of essay? (argumentative, research paper, etc.,)

Should we include a bibliography/citations in our submission ?

Does the essay have to be about field work the applicants have done themselves?

Thank you!
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Not Solved RE: WYSE Essay
Hi gwolfe822!

First of all, congratulations on your invatation to WYSE! Lots of people will probably tell you this, but I know we're all telling the absolute truth when we say that it's an amazing, life-changing experience. 16x16_smiley-happy

I attended WYSE in 2016, and when I applied, I included an essay about something that I'm passionate about, which is preserving ecosystems. I had just attended my local Herpetological Society's meeting, so I wrote about that and what I had learned there about longleaf pine ecosystems and how important they are to many different species. I did include a small citation, but I think whether or not you include one is really up to the type of essay you write. I would say that you should write about whatever excites you most about the environment, be it field work that you did, a class assignment, or anything at all about the environment you love.

I hope that helped!

WYSE 2016 Delegate, WYSE 2017 Intern
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Not Solved RE: WYSE Essay
Thank you so much! This was incredibly helpful!
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