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Hi Y'all, I thought I might share some advice I have when it comes to shopping for clothes for WJMC- especially if you are on a budget. If any of the othe Youth Advisory Board members have any other ideas or tips that I may have forgotten, feel free to piggyback!

Becuase the conference itself was so expensive, I tried to keep my clothing budget to a minimum. I did most of my shopping at thrift stores prior to the conference. On Wednesday's all of Salvation Army's clothing is 50% off, so that's where I got most of my stuff. I started shopping about 4 months before the conference, because I knew I wouldn't be able to find everything in one trip. So if you go back continuously, you'll be able to slowly build up your wardrobe. And then about two weeks before the conference I went to Target and got a few things (like a fitted blazer) that I wasn't able to find. Because of this I was able to buy about 7 business professional outfits for about $75.

The other thing I splurged on though was comfortable shoes. I can not stress enough how important this is. You are going to be walking a ton, pretty much every day, so WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. If you buy new ones, you may want to try walking around in them for a couple of days (full time) to make sure they are really as comfortable as you need them to be. I would also recommend bringing band aids, in case you get blisters.

When you are shopping, keep in mind it's going to be hot and humid. I'm from Texas and I was still sweating. I don't know how the poor guys who wore suits all week did it. I bought a pencil skirt and wore dresses most of the week. Dress classy while also trying not to make yourself have heatstroke.

The other biggest tip I can give to you early on is  try to read a few of the books on the suggested reading list! You don't have to read all of them by any means, but they're all super interesting. Not to mention they're a great conversation starter once you get to the conference. I was able to buy 17 of the 19 books on last year's suggested reading list for under $105 at Half Price Books Marketplace- and that included shipping too. If you have Amazon Prime, I think you could get them for even cheaper. The shipping is what gets ya most of the time.

Once it gets closer to the date of the conference I'll share more tips on what to pack and bring with you, but I thought some of this information would be helpful now if you wanted to start preparing early. I cannot express how excited I am for you that you are attending this conference. For me, itt was life changing in more ways than one. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Have a fantastic day!

Abby Werner
Youth Advisory Board

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