Making a Payment
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Making a Payment
To access your account and make your monthly online payment, please follow the instructions below:
     1. Navigate to the appropriate registration portal: WJMC Portal / WYSE Portal
     2. Enter the access code you received in your welcome email.
     3. Click on the link "View or Change Your Existing Registration"
     4. Enter your email address, then click "Continue".
     5. Enter your password, then click "Continue".
     6. Click on the link to “Make a Payment” (located above “Registrant” and student’s name).
     7. Scroll down to update "Payment/Billing Information".
     8. Ensure the amount of this payment is correct, and enter the valid/updated credit card information.  Under the standard payment plan, the monthly amount due is $500.

Important Considerations:
     • Upon making a change to your account (e.g., entering new credit card information), the system will charge the monthly payment to the updated credit card.
     • Please make your online payment within one week.  If we do not receive your payment within one week, your registration will be cancelled.

If you have questions or need assistance making a payment online, please create a post in the Parents board of your respective program, or contact us directly.

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