The Story of Sleep Deprivation: Days 1 and 2
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Not Solved The Story of Sleep Deprivation: Days 1 and 2
In my 15 or so years of life, I've learned many important lessons. "Treat other's as you wish to be treated", "There are more good people than there are bad", "Don't eat that, you'll get cholera", etc. However, the most important lesson I've learned is that I need to rest to live. This week so far, I've learned that lesson many times. So, to catch up, I'm staying up until midnight on Tuesday night and likely not publishing until the next day. So let's rip off the band-aid and get into it! Day 1I hate to admit it now, because it makes me look stupid, but I was very confused upon first arrival. I came into the DC area with Maddie Shafer of the yellow group by plane as unfortunately I live in the land of make-believe and Canadian conspiracy: North Dakota. As it was my third time in the DC area, I kind of knew my way around the airport and the basics of how to beg for mercy in 13 of the most commonly spoken languages in the city. However, to my own benefit (and to the benefit of my insurance provider), I made it there safely with all of my belongings. After getting off the bus at the college, I was mainly just confused about everything, especially because I missed the tour going around campus. Fortunately it wasn't too bad as the people working here were completely devoting to making sure I knew what I was doing come that night. Soon after, I met up with some new friends from my group at the talk given by Jaime Smith which at that point rated first out of all 1 talks I had heard. Overall the first day was a very good introduction into what I would discover to be a very exhausting week ahead. Day 2My second day at this conference went off to a really rocky start. I woke up an hour late because I neglected to switch my phone over to the Eastern Time Zone. I also completely forgot to wear my conference shirt to breakfast because I was in a massive rush after waking up. Fortunately, I was able to go back after eating breakfast without wasting too much time of the group's. Following my personal series of unfortunate events, the group boarded the bus to Pennsylvania Avenue for arguably the most factual museum in the world. The Newseum. We as a group spent many hours there, most of which I spent looking at extremely old documents from before my parents were even born. I wish I could talk about this more, however, it's getting late.After leaving, we went to watch a talk by Eric Felten from the Weekly Standard. He talked about how to get into the industry of journalism and how human connections will grow your career faster than "good writing ever could". Though his speech was very good and thought provoking, I still liked Jamie's better because she seemed to make everything a bit more personal.We then moved on to dinner and a monument tour which had to be my favorite part of the trip to that point. It led to many pictures being sent to my parents, new friendships being formed, a couple Instagram photos, and a whole 3 more pictures of myself I'm actually comfortable looking at.Okay that's enough, I'm tired. Goodnight.
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