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The registration form says it requires an essay on an environmental topic or a classroom assignment. So would this be a full intro, body, conclusion essay or just a short paragraph. I ask because it says the entry must be one page and double spaced. And what are the terms if we choose to write about a classroom assignment?
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For example, this is taken from a research paper I made last year on animal rights. 
Would this be counted and accepted as a "short writing sample"?
Issue- Should animals be given some legal rights?     Activists have been fighting for animal rights and to stop humanities crimes against them. Humans use animals for food, entertainment, pets, medical research, hunting, and more. While most areas where animals are used are said to follow strict regulations, activists claim that the animals are suffering. The government is debating whether or not to give in to the activists’ protests. This poses the question; Should animals be given some legal rights to stop them from being exploited for human benefit? While most believe animals must not suffer by human hands, others claim human superiority due to religious values. It is unacceptable for humans to make animals suffer for non vital interest.
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Never mind. I improvised another one.
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Hey Warrior05,

Welcome to the WSP Community Forums!  I was going to offer some advice for your WYSE essay, but I'm glad you were able to figure out what you needed!  If you haven't already submitted the essay on your application, please send it to us via email at as soon as possible.  The priority registration deadline is today, December 16.

If you have any other questions, let us know!

Happy holidays,
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