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Gosh, where do I begin. I didn't have the ability to write everyday because I usually got back too exhausted to remember to do it (oops). However, I can say that the exhaustion was worth it. The constant walking was worth it. My legs being dead is worth it. I never believed I would have been able to bond with people in such a short time period. I didn't think that I would cry when I said goodbye, but WYSE proved me wrong. The hardest goodbye was when I had to say good-bye to the best JFA and FA at the summit. Serena Seiler you marked me in a way that I will forever consider you not only my #1 mom, but the big sister I desperately needed at the moment. Maction. There's no words that can describe how amazing and funny you are. I will miss you. I will forever miss my former delegates. As we are now considered Alumni of WYSE. I learned that by creating good and bad memories is the best way to deal with problems. WYSE focused on the problem in the environment, but we were able to create memories that will always mark us. Thank you WYSE for everything. I will never be able to sing Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros because I will always remember that WYSE is my second home. Once again thank you for proving me wrong WYSE. I will forever miss WYSE. 

GO WAVY NAVY!!!!!!!!  <3
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