Just a Bill on Capital Hill
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What a crazy day. It was the last full day of WYSE 2017 and we began with a trip to capital hill. We were given the freedom to roam all around the museum mall and choose which places we wanted to see with the only limitation of staying in that area, about a quarter mile by 1 mile rectangle .All I can ever think about while being on capitol hill in the school house rock video, I'm Just A Bill. I stayed with most of the people from my color group, the green group (The best group if you hadn't figured it out yet), and we first stopped in the national botanical gardens. The gardens were just beautiful if I do say so myself. There were different rooms with different climates and each room contained unique plant. My favorite of course, being from Texas, was the desert room that was filled with numerous species of cactus including the hedgehog , cow tongue , prickly pear cacti. Another crazy thing they had was a group of carnivorous plants including the infamous Venus fly trap and another of my favorites the pitcher plant. I highly recommend the garden to anyone visiting the area.More impressive to me was the Museum of Natural History, quite possibly one of the greatest museum I have ever visited. First I visited the ancient ocean section which contained all kinds of cool things including Whale bones, Live coral, and even a preserved ancient Giant  Squid. Next I moved on to an exhibit with mammals. This exhibit just contained life sized stuffed animals. These were not your ordinary stuffed animals however. These ones were so life like it was scary. You could look into their eye and see them looking back... Whoa. But the best part of the mammals was seeing a life sized stuffed ant eater. These are to coolest creatures ever. These guys can slurp up to 35,000 ants in one day, which makes since ants are so small I doubt they provide much nutrition. The last and dare I say the best big exhibit I visited was the geology, minerals ,and jewels exhibit. It started of with some pretty bland and dull meteorites and such, but all that was forgotten upon entering the room filled with billions of dollars worth of exotic jewels of all shapes and sizes. It was probably the most wealth ever collected in one area. There was emeralds, aqua blues, rubies, topaz, giant quartz rocks, sapphires, diamonds, gold,etc. This was an enormous collection. There was my personal favorite stone, which is also my birth stone, topaz in varying sizes shapes and even colors because these gems can vary on the color spectrum. To add to these collection of gems there was an area with famous necklaces and jewelry that had large gems and usually gold in them. But the showstopper was the Hope Diamond. A very famous piece of jewelry, not exactly sure what for... oops. But, boy was it pretty and it was also worth a pretty penny.The last museum of the day for me was the National Museum of Art. In the intricately designed and flawless building there were vast black columns that spanned at least 20 yards from floor to ceiling. While walking around this museum I managed to see the only piece of Da Vinci's work in the Western hemisphere. Also, I saw paintings from famous artists Van Gogh, Rafael, and Monet. The museum of art can't exactly be put into words, but it was a great place I really enjoyed myself being there.After we left capitol hill, there was a nice Gala scheduled for an old hotel. When we arrived there we were given a three course meal in a big room on the second floor consisting of an exquisite Caesar salad, A main course of lightly breaded pan fried chicken laid over a bed of some delicious mashed potatoes, and finally a very rich triple chocolate cake that was sublime. we got a chance after dinner to show some spirit for our color group, obviously though green was the best at the end of the day. We gave a few thank yous to various staff member who graced us with this wonderful opportunity. Then they had hired a Dj and all 287 delegates danced on the dance floor for a few hours. Now this hotel is specifically known for it's dance floor which bounces. No you didn't misread that the floor literally bounces up and down like a stiff trampoline while people jump on it. So obviously it was great time with the music bumping and the delegates jumping. Unfortunately, as always when you travel with a group of 287 people problems occur. while all the delegates were jumping we somehow managed to unscrew the light bulbs on the floor below us which fell and shattered in the lobby area. Guess we were going a little too hard maybe. Anyways, it was great time and a nice ceremony, I'm terribly distraught that tomorrow is my last day ):

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