Scrambled Eggs V.
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An experience I will never forget. That's putting it lightly. I walked into this trip anxious and filled with dread on having to have to do things I didn't want to do. Now, I'm walking out wishing that this week could play on replay forever. I've made more friends in this week then I have in the past two years, and made stronger bonds with them faster than I ever have with anyone before. Today was a day for us. A day to be together and end everything on a good note. We all got matching bracelets to remember each other by, along with the many jokes and stories we shared. We walked through the Smithsonian Museums, and, frankly, I am exhausted; however, that was no where near the end of the night. After that we all hung out and played some arcade games, which I gave a strong ending by winning the high score in the arcade basketball. Then we went to dinner, talked, laughed, shared, ate, etc., and made our bond stronger than I thought possible. Not long after, the dancing started. BUT, just for everyone's knowledge, our team started ALL of the trends of the night. (Teal Team is #1, now and always). So the music went on for two hours. All of which was loud, partying music. So, what does Teal team do? We tie our ties around our heads and start a conga line! After which we formed a circle on the dance floor, which I was the center of for over an hour. Never in my life have I danced other than when I have to. But tonight, I made that dance floor mine. I had a blast, and now I have broken body (More than worth it). On the ride home, we not only sang sad songs to show each other that we'll miss each other, but also put lime team in their place and made sure they knew that, if anything, they're in about 3rd or 4th place. At best. It was also finally admitted to me by my team that I am, in fact, the leader captain of our glorious team. But if I had any other team, things probably would have been entirely different. Now we just sit and wait for the inevitable of leaving behind all of the great people we've made and experiences we've shared together. But as Dr. Suess once said, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."  P.S.I took the liberty to make an alliance between the pink and purple teams. However we tried our hardest to keep it quiet, so no one else would try to copy us, considering how THATS ALL ANYONE EVER DOES AT THIS SUMMIT! But I digress. We brought three teams together and networked more and more. And we showed the Red and Lime team that they are subpar in comparison. B)  THANK YOU TEAL TEAM

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