Day 3
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Not Solved Day 3
Woke up at 6:30 to prepare for the day to come. Today was the day that every group color intermixed with each other and split into new groups. I was feeling very excited as I was going to go to the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. We were all given the opportunity to choose where we wanted to go prior to the Wyse summit as there were actually five field trips to choose from. I am very glad to have chosen the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. What has inspired me most were the speakers. They talked about their struggles and how they overcame them. Instead of accepting failure they transformed these obstacles into accomplishments. I related to them in the sense that I use to want to be a vet but reached the moment in which I didn't feel the passion, leaving me in a grey area. These speakers eventually found the path they were meant to be on, a path still consisting of their love for animals. A veterinarian makes a difference in one animal at a time but a career in wildlife conservation makes a difference to multiple species and the environment. After this field trip, I am convinced that i want to follow a similar career, one in which i make a difference to the large community of endangered animals. After listening to the speakers, we outside in groups of 20 to learn about cranes, endocrine and how it works in animals, mane wolves, and lyme disease in ticks. Around 6 we all went to diner dressed in a relaxed attire. After dinner the day didn't end just yet, next was the stimulation activity. Pretty much we were put into groups of two and assigned a country. My country was China. Our job as groups was to prepare evidence for the coming debate. The debate topic was focused on the Paris Agreement(an agreement within countries accepting to deal with Climate Change and regulations of greenhouse gas emissions. During the debate we mainly discussed whether our countries were in favor of consequences for the US' recent pulling out and if the US should still be given permission to vote. What i enjoyed about this debate was that control was given to us 20 delegates, the adults just supervised. Well, that mostly summarizes what I did today so until tomorrow.

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