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Getting Started
Hey there!

Thanks for registering with the Washington Scholars Program (WSP) Forums. We're so excited that you've joined our online community!

If you're new here, we want to help you get started building your profile and creating your first post; but before you get to posting, we would like to quickly show you know how to get involved with your fellow users and answer a few basic questions.

Who uses the Forums?
Students that have been nominated to attend the same program as you, their parents, alumni of the program, and staff members are all users of the Forums. Each group has their own special board where users can ask questions, post comments, get to know more about each other, and what to expect this summer at the program. Our Social Media Specialists are Program employees who are skilled in the art of social media communication, and they're here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.  You can identify them by the Social Media Specialist tagline, blue WSP post background, and –WSP with a MOD or ADMIN bar after their name.

How do I customize my profile?
After logging in to your account on the Forums, simply click on "Welcome back, [Username]" in the top left-hand corner, and then select "Edit Profile". There, you can tell us your name, select the program you will be attending this summer, tell us where you're from, and add a profile picture. This will help everyone get to know you!

How do I make my own post?
To start your own topic, first ensure you are logged in to the Forums. Then, go to your board (Student, Parent, or Blogs 2017) and select the orange New Topic button in the top left-hand corner. It's that simple! We also suggest checking first if a similar topic has already been created so you can contribute to an existing conversation.

How safe are the Forums?
We do our best to keep the Forums as safe and secure as possible by requiring users to be registered before they can post new topics or reply to existing posts. However, most boards and topics can be viewed by the general public, so do not share anything that you wouldn't want a stranger to see or that violates our Forum Guidelines. Private or confidential information should only be shared with Official Community Representatives via private message.
Sending a Private Message:
Sometimes you may want to have a private conversation with another community member or our Social Media Specialists.  You can send a Private Message to our Social Media Specialists by clicking on the Private Message button across from their signature on any post they’ve made.

To send a Private Message to another user, you can click on their username to get to their profile and then click on the "Send this user a private message" link on the right-hand side.  You can also click on the red circle labeled Private Messages in the upper right left side of the forums to read your Private Messages or send one to other users, including our Social Media Specialists.  Just click on Compose New Message, fill out the Send to (make sure to type the username exactly as it is on the forum) and Message Subject boxes, then put your message in the box and click Send Message.
Accepted Solution:
When another user or Social Media Specialist provides you with a resolution to your inquiry, you can recognize that person by accepting their solution!  Simply find the post that answers your question and click the Accept as Solution button at the top of the post.  This lets the community know that the information provided may help them as well!
Want to let someone know that you liked their post?  It’s a way of giving a “thumbs up” or saying “great post” to the user or Social Media Specialist who contributed to the discussion.  You can also Kudo someone and accept their solution; it’s like a double-whammy of thanks! Simply click on the button that has a Thumbs Up on the bottom-left of a post to give someone a Kudo!

If you ever see a post that you think shouldn't be there, please notify a Moderator or Administrator immediately so we can review it. Your safety and security are our primary concern.

We hope the Forums will be a valuable resource as you prepare for the excitement we have in store for you this summer! Get ready, get excited, and get to posting!

-The Washington Scholars Program (WSP) Forums Staff

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