What is a Super User?
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What is a Super User?
Community members with substantial tenure and high post count are marked as Super Users at our discretion.  Super Users do not necessarily work for the Program, although some do.  Super Users post in the Community on their own time and receive no financial compensation for their individual contributions.

Super Users can be identified by the Super ([Image: super-tag.png]) icon after their username.  Super Users who are also branded as Program staff have the Super icon before their username to allow the WSP Icon to appear after their username; this helps differentiate them from Official WSP Community Representatives.  Many Super Users have a high level of experience in certain categories and can provide superb advice and support.

Here are a few of the benefits our Super Users get to enjoy–
   • A super cool Super icon next to your username, like we've mentioned above;   
   • Access to special private boards that only Super Users and our WSP moderation team have access to;
   • Ability to add a profile card to your posts to make them a bit more "you";
   • Early access to insider information about future WJMC & WYSE happenings;
   • And the ability to edit your posts for a short time after posting to fix any typos or add a last-minute thought!

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