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WJMC 2017 Schedule - KimberlyCadretteHumiston - 02-27-2017


I know that when we signed up for WJMC, I saw dates and times for the conference.  If I remember, they need to be there on Sunday early afternoon.  What time is pick up on Friday?  Is there a website somewhere with this information?


RE: WJMC 2017 Schedule - Keirsten-WSP - 02-27-2017

Hello KimberlyCadretteHumiston, and welcome to the WSP Forums! 

You are correct about remembering the arrival and departure days. Although the official schedule for WJMC 2017 has not yet been released, a tentative schedule can be found at with accurate arrival and departure times. Arrival time on Sunday is between 12:00-4:00 PM, and departure time is between 10:30-1:00 PM on Friday.

Please feel free to post any other questions you may have, and we look forward to welcoming your student to the Washington Journalism and Media Conference! 

Kind regards,