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Hey guys!! I thought now would be the best time to bring up travel and how you can save, when you should book etc etc. 

While there are many forms a travel/ways to get to WJMC, I suggest taking a plane (unless you live within 150 miles from the Mason Campus). I know that it can get expensive and many people can't afford it but I hope that after reading this you will be able to fly at a price that is comfortable to you. 

The sobering reality of airfares is that everyone on the airplane has paid different prices. One person paid $500 for their roundtrip tickets to Reagan (DCA) Or  Dulles (IAD) while you paid $1,500 for the same tickets. So how do you not become the person who paid 3 times more for the same flights as the person sitting next to you? And how do you actually book the cheapest flights possible? Here are a few key 

1. Do your research! 
I know, everyone says this but it truly helps and it can save you A LOT of money. I have a person example, where I Iive there is an airport 30 minuets away and another one that is about an hour away from me. I was going to book at my closest airport until I found out that the cheapest airfare was $1,250.00!!!!! For a two hour flight, isn't that insane?!? I was not about to tell my mom that she had to pay that so I looked into nearby airports and to my surprise I found a ticket from the airport about an hour away for only about 20% of the price. It took about 20 minuets of reserve and I saved about $1,000 dollars. Amazing. So do your research and find the cheapest price possible. 

2. Use sites like Priceline, Expedia, and Cheap O Air.
Figure out what the average prices are for your trip by using comparison sites like Kayak or Google Flights. Use the calendar view to see what prices are throughout different times of the year. Once you know what the regular prices are for your flights, you’ll know a deal when you see one. If you really need to cut costs and fly the cheapest you can, book a one way trip to D.C using one airline the book a one way home using another, it can actually help you save a lot but there is a little more hassle involved. If you child isn't a frequent flyer then I wouldn't suggest that option.

3. Book early.... But not too early. 
The sweet spot for the best pricing on airfares is somewhere around 45 to 90 days before departure. Booking too early or too late can lock you into an unfavorably high price for your airfare. Make sure you go back to step one and research when the best time to book is for your airline of choice. 

If you have any questions you can email me at or if you would like to talk to my mother, the queen of cheap travel you can email her at