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Full Version: 2018 Press Releases
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Hi everyone!

We hope you are getting excited for this summer! We are busily preparing for your arrival and cannot wait to meet you. An official press release has been emailed to all students announcing your attendance at the program in Washington, D.C. this summer. Here are some helpful tips for using your press release:
  • Send it to your local media outlets. This includes local newspapers, websites, and even TV stations! Find out who covers local news stories and email the press release to them directly, or use an online submission form if your local news has that option.
  • Share it on social media! Post it to your own accounts or send to friends to share on their social media pages.
  • Share it with your school newspaper or website administrator to post on the school website.
  • Send it to your Congressional representatives. This could be a great segue into scheduling your meeting with them this spring.
  • Share it with your sponsors. They can see what amazing things their support is allowing you to do!
  • Use it as a fundraising resource. Share it with potential sponsors or on crowdfunding sites to help boost your fundraising efforts.
Help others get excited with you as you prepare to attend this prestigious program with 250 high-achieving high school students from around the world. We hope you are ready for a great week full of amazing experiences that are just around the corner. See you soon!