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Full Version: Parents - Please Read Me Before Posting!
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Hello and welcome, WYSE Parents!

First and foremost, we assure you this is not a scam [Image: smile.png]  We get this question more often than you might believe, so we want to get that out of the way first!  Before you get started with asking questions, we do want to provide you with some valuable resources and a few welcoming notes.  Please review our Forum Guidelines and Getting Started posts before posting, as they contain valuable information that will help you use the Forums most effectively.

We also want to make sure you understand the range of user roles here on the Forums.  You and your students will most commonly interact with fellow parents and delegates, members of our Youth Advisory Board and Program Staff.  Youth Advisory Board Members possess knowledge that few others have: They attended the Summit and know exactly what it takes to make it through the week, and generally have a good idea of how to help your student do the same.

Additionally, there are specific inquiries that Official WSP Community Representatives are here to help with, including questions about tuition, scholarships, transcripts, and special accommodations.  We ask that you only send sensitive or confidential information to these users to help keep you and your student safe.  Our Moderators and Administrators are here to help you and your students get comfortable and excited about WYSE!

Thank you for posting, and welcome to the Forums!