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Full Version: Day 2 6/25
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So after waking up at 7 am, I got fixed and headed down to breakfast. Afterwards, we all met at the south side building and waited for the buses that were destined for the ZOO[Image: 16x16_smiley-happy.png] At the zoo, we split up into groups and looked at all the animals. We each got to choose separate sessions. I went to the "Great Cats" session of course(Love cats!small and big). I learned that the animal keepers do not go near these giant cats without some sort of physical barrier but in fact train the cats to allow themselves to be given shots through fences, thus making the keeper's lives a bit easier. Even so, the keeper's work is far from easy. Their job consists not only of problem-solving tasks but physical labor as well. They have to carry heavy things(such as food) to the cats while taking the necessary precautions to keep safe. Although the job can be tough, the keeper we met glowed with passion for her job. I hope to one day find a career that I am just as passionate about. A job  that not only makes a difference to the world but one that will also make me smile at the thought of "going to work". Lastly to end the day, after the zoo, the bus returned. Next destination: White House, Constitution gardens, WWII Memorial, Reflecting pool, and Lincoln memorial. Overall, day 2 was just as fun as it was exhausting.